Best tips on fast essay writing

Getting good grades at school is not just about writing well, it’s also about working fast. This is the ability that all top students have. There is always that one friend who spends little time studying but still gets stuff done both well and in time, right? Is that even possible? Or are some all-nighters involved? Could be, they are using the fastest essay writing service in the US. The question is, how do I write my essay today?

It’s just about knowing how to write fast

No magic outside of Hogwarts - just a set of skills that everyone can master. Of course, it does require certain fast-thinking abilities that some people are predisposed to genetically but become good at fast writing to some point is something everyone can be capable of.

We collected a list of tips that will help you to nail that urgent essay and be that badass person who can study less but receive better grades. The best part is, neither of these tips requires time or additional training - you can do them as you study and basically, incorporate to your routine.

Tip #1 - Stop judging yourself as you write

Are you curious where this famous writing block comes from? Well, it might seem different for many people but in fact, the root of the problem is always the same - doubting the quality of the work. You stare at the blank page and think that none of your thoughts are worth to be put down. As you continue writing, you keep judging your words and picking the best ones.

Well, if you going to keep it up with way, you are never going to master the art of fast writing. To become a quick writer, you need to incorporate the elements of free writing in every piece - that’s not to say that each essay should resemble a diary. We are talking about suppressing self-hate, not writing whatever. You’ll check grammar and punctuation as you proofread.

Tip # 2 - Make a plan

After the previous advice, you might be confused about the entire sticking-to-the-topic situation. How can one stay focused on the subject without judging what was written? To avoid taking unnecessary turns, make a plan, and not just in your head. Write the key points down and stick to them when you caught that creative flow. That’s also the way writers in an urgent essay writing service work to get the assignments done faster.

Tip #3 - Get to the point

Oh, that’s the everlasting problem with the essays. It’s so easy to get carried away at the beginning and write 5 pages of the introduction, having no time left to actually show and prove your point. When you want to to make the introduction perfect - creative, poetic, metaphorical, you also risk taking a huge detour from the original subject. To make sure that doesn’t happen, put your introduction to the strict size limit. No more than 2-3 paragraphs. Everything that’s more than that should be omitted for the sake of actually proving your ideas which is the entire purpose of the essay. Remember, fast essay writing is all about shortening.

Tip #4 - Don’t always elaborate

When you are proving your point, you can always fall into the trap of referencing the references. You don’t need the infinite amount of quotes and facts to make your work more trustworthy. Pick 3-4 key proofs and base your text on them. For one thing, it’s going to make structuring a lot easier. Also, it will save you a lot of time from looking for these proves that no one cares about anyway. Remember that in the essay you are also free to express your own opinion. A couple of facts is enough to make your point look grounded but much more than that will just take up a lot of your time.

Tip #5 - Don’t look at the clock

Checking time every now and then will not make you a better writer and definitely not a faster one. it also ruins your creative flow because every time you stop to check the time, all the valuable ideas go away. if you want to be a fast writer, forget about clocks and time, it doesn’t exist.

But what if I lose a lot of time? To make sure it doesn’t happen, set an alarm to keep you in check. When you have 30 minutes left, the sound will let you know about it? This way you will be sure about not missing the deadline and still keep your creativity on full-motion.


See, neither one of those tips require any hard training or massive time investments? Basically, all you have to do is changing the way you already work. No homework is needed - fast essay writing is all just about changing the outlook on the creative process.

No one is born with the skills of expressing thoughts on the paper fast. It’s an ability that can be developed - and with these methods, you know how to do it right.